Cohort A – Application

Cohort A students must be First Time In College, starting Summer 2016 or Fall 2016, with no more than twelve transfer credits since receiving a high school degree. Students can contact their advisor to see if they meet the definition used by the state. Students must demonstrate financial need and be full-time students, registering for at least 12 credits per semester.

Financial Assistance Benefit
Flit-Path will provide approximately 18 four-year fellowships in each institution to support FTIC students who joined one of the three disciplines CS, IT or CpE in Summer 2016 or Fall 2016. The average level of support is $5,000 per year (Spring, Summer, Fall) for a total of $20,000 per student in four years

Additional Benefits

  • Academic advising every semester
  • Socials, Distinguished Speakers, yearly Symposium
  • GTA Mentoring and Peer Mentoring
  • On-Line Shared Elective Courses (after junior year): provide a larger set of courses to choose from and help achieve faster pathway to graduation
  • Common Internship Portal and Virtual Career Fair (after junior year): help in getting internships and good jobs
  • Shadowing experience with research faculty or industry mentor (sophomore year),
  • Experiential learning activity (research or internship) in junior and senior years.